The Fever: Where Style meets Substance
When you want form AND function. A party band that’s sophisticated, sensuous, versatile and fun. With exceptional musicians, contagious energy & expert event management. With authenticity and flair. When "good enough" is NOT good enough. Your only choice is to get The Fever!

Versatile & flexible
Live music creates just the right ambiance as your event unfolds, from beginning to end. Live musicians for ceremony can create a truly intimate and personal ambience, they can adapt to any surprises & bring authentic emotional expression to the moment. Live jazz musicians can set a sophisticated and lively mood for cocktail & dinner receptions. Opt to have the musicians play soul or smooth grooves for a hip & vibrant vibe. When your ready to let loose and celebrate, The Fever offers a variety of dance band sizes to get the party going with upbeat high energy tunes your guests will recognize and love- we'll personalize the musical genres we play to match your preferences & style. Classical, jazz, soul, funk, Motown, funk, rock, pop and hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & today.

The Live Band Advantage
Our goal as a live band is to make sure your wedding reception is a stunning success, from the first sip of cocktails to the last dance in the wee hours of the morning. Unlike a DJ, we create a truly organic & palpable atmosphere for your reception—and spice things up by responding and reacting to the energy in the room. We can begin the evening by serenading your guests over cocktails & dinner with soulful saxophone solos or rich, smooth vocals, and then change the pace dramatically—enticing everyone onto the dance floor with our full band, funky beats, dance hits, and contagious energy. Why are our live shows so infectious? Authenticity, personality, passion & musicianship. We’ll turn your event into an unforgettable & joyous experience.

Setting the tone
While live music creates a dynamic ambiance, an emcee sets the tone and threads together all the moods and portions of the event. A good emcee is vital to the success of any event. The Fever emcees weddings with presence, grace & charm. We leave the cheese at home. We take the time to learn about your style, your preferences, your family and your guests before the event. We’ll make announcements as needed. We’ll carefully manage the time & work with all your vendors, while maintaining a positive energy level & friendly, upbeat vibe for a smooth easy flow from beginning to end.

Customizing the sound
The Fever configures into various instrumental line-ups, from solo, duo or trio on up to 10pc dance band! For high energy and variety of music styles, we recommend at least our 6pc dance band, for full coverage of the genres, styles & energy. If you're working with a slim budget or have a very intimate event planned, our smaller ensembles could be the perfect fit. Want a big sound on a small budget? Our 4pc and 5pc bands totally rock. When budget allows, go with lineups with at least one horn for dynamics and a variety of genres such as Motown, funk, jazz, 70's, 80’s, rock, pop and modern hits. See “band descriptions & instrumentation" for a list of our line-ups & ensembles.

Setting the Stage
Little details can make a big difference! Because we understand that you put a lot of thought into creating a perfect setting for your big day, we take great care to enhance your vision and never detract from a perfectly set room. We take time to subtly camouflage & drape unsightly stage equipment and ensure that all cords are neatly tucked away. Our stage décor is simple, tasteful and non-intrusive. Our musicians dress to impress while matching the style of your event. How about lighting? We offer various levels & types of LED lighting to create a dynamic & vibrant setting on the stage and dance floor, or transform the entire room with stunning lighting design. Just tell us what you envision, from subtle to spectacular- and we’ll make it happen!