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The Fever: Where Style meets Substance

When you want form AND function. A live band that’s sophisticated, subtly sexy and flagrantly fun. With exceptional musicians, versatility and flexibility. With the ability to create a simple elegant backdrop or ignite the celebration with contagious energy. When you want fantastic musicians & seamless event execution... get The Fever and let's make it outstanding!

Whether you want soft jazz for a refined cocktail reception, floor-thumping dance hits for an all-night bash—or anything in between—we’ll create a the right sound for your event.

Our sound is full, hip, and supremely polished. We configure from 4pc to 11pc bands, offering smaller breakaway ensembles for various event portions. Our standard 8-piece band includes vocals, drums, bass, guitar, keys/synth, hand percussion, saxophone and trumpet—with impressive 5-part harmonies performed by two powerhouse female lead vocalists and three fantastic male singers.

In addition to our standard band, we can arrange any number of configurations to match your style. For your ceremony, do you envision an elegant string ensemble with violin, viola and cello? Violin/guitar duo? Solo guitar? Piano? Bagpipes? Let's create the perfect backdrop for your special moment!

During cocktails, would you prefer a sophisticated jazz trio with upright bass, guitar & sax, or a rustic bluegrass group with upright bass, guitar, fiddle & snare? How about soul, folk or pop? Whether you want instrumental or with vocals, our musicians breakaway into any configuration and play all styles to match your vision.

When it’s time for high energy, do you envision heating up the dance floor with The Fever’s outstanding 8-piece lineup, or with the scorching ten piece band? Or, our impressively full 5-piece band will rock the house with versatility, personality & fantastic energy.

Shouldn't the band you choose for your event reflect YOU, your friends, your family and guests? Shouldn't the live musicians celebrate WITH you, not necessarily FOR you? Shouldn't they resonate with YOUR style, YOUR preferences and embody YOUR vision? It's your special event. We take care, time and attention to find out who you are and how we can help create the most amazing time of your life!

Our varied musical styles include:
• Jazz
• Motown
• Funk
• Soul
• Blues
• Jam band
• Bluegrass & Newgrass
• Pop
• Disco
• Rock ‘n Roll
• Classic Rock
• Alternative Rock
• 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's
• Hip hop
• Contemporary club hits
• Classical styles with traditional strings
• Contemporary styles with strings
• DJ options
• ...and more!

We pride ourselves on providing highly personalized music & event management to our clients. We’ll work closely with you to get a feel for your distinctive tastes & desires, and we’ll help you select the right mix of songs to create the perfect vibe from start to finish. Our repertoire is extensive, but if you have a favorite song or two that isn’t on our list, we’ll happily learn it for you!

In addition to playing great music, we're experts at MC'ing events in the style you prefer. We have extensive experience with event management and timeline flow and we'll create a vibe that perfectly matches your style & preferences. We provide a wireless microphone for toasts, make announcements, and work with your wedding vendors to ensure a smooth and natural flow. We're honest, friendly, professional, and most of all—we are there for you- no matter what your need!.

Tell us what you envision for your wedding or event . . . and we’ll make it happen!

Searching for live entertainment for business events, holiday functions, and corporate hospitality? Let us know the details of your event, and we’ll produce a customized performance, perfectly tailored to fit your needs.

We’ll add sophistication and flair, not to mention outstanding entertainment, to your next corporate event!

Little details can make a big difference! Because we understand that you put a lot of thought into creating a perfect setting for your big event, we take great care not to detract from your vision. We subtly camouflage our stage equipment and ensure that all cords are neatly tucked away. Our exclusive stage décor—including flowers, unique embellishments, and black velvet draping—is tasteful and non-intrusive.

If you are planning a blockbuster party, our professional light system can illuminate the stage with exclusive concert-like lighting. Or, we can create the perfect atmosphere with subtle color washes to create an enchanting dimension without feeling intrusive. Just tell us about your vision and we will make it happen!

Music options for any mood, anytime

  • Ceremony. Live music for wedding ceremonies brings a level of elegance, personality & distinction that you just can't achieve with a recording. The Fever's musicians are exceptional - they play classical, jazz or instrumental pop. Using musicians who are already in the band can be more cost effective than bringing in outside musicians. We also work with fantastic traditional string musicians, so the options are many! Solo guitar or piano, guitar/piano, piano/upright bass, guitar/violin, cello/violin/guitar, etc.
  • Cocktails. Live music during cocktails brings vitality & sophistication and interaction while guests mingle. It creates an upbeat, celebrative atmosphere filled with exciting anticipation for the party to come. The Fever is proud to boast some of the greatest jazz musicians in Colorado & beyond. Take advantage of their expertise! Instrumentation can vary greatly- solo, duo, trio, quartet, on up to the full band. Choose instrumental or with vocals, or a mix of both. We play a huge variety of genres, from jazz standards (Miles Davis, Cole Porter, Louis Armstrong) to funk-jazz fusion (Herbie Hancock, Grover Washington, Pat Metheny); from classic soul (Marvin Gaye, George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers) and classic “pop rock" & folk (James Taylor, Beatles, Van Morrison, Hall & Oates) to modern pop ballads (John Legend, Adele, Ed Sheeran) and Americana (Avette Brothers, Bob Dylan, Lumineers, Greatful Dead). It just depends on your tastes. How about bluegrass? From old school bluegrass to Newgrass, we love to create a Colorado mountain vibe. We’re experts at playing just the right music to create or fit the mood and can make suggestions that will fit your personal style and event.
  • Dinner. Live music during dinner adds a lively ambiance without overshadowing or interrupting the focus- dinner table conversation. Genres that work well for dinner are jazz, soul and contemporary pop ballads with vocals, or simple instrumental. Having live music during dinner gives the guests a chance to enjoy the slower songs the band won't have a chance to play during dancing (for example, songs by Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Bill Withers, Beatles, Ray Charles and contemporary artists such as Norah Jones, Ray LaMontagne, Van Morrison, Diana Krall and Adele, to name a few). Male and female vocals are available. Instrumental only is also available. We’re sensitive to volume to during dinner hour- we know that conversation is the focus and we‘ll ensure your guests will be able to enjoy their conversations, and the music, too!
  • Dancing. When your ready to let loose and celebrate, we’ll entice everyone onto the dance floor with our full band, funky beats, dance hits, and contagious energy. The Fever offers a variety of dance band sizes to get the party going with upbeat high energy tunes your guests will recognize and love- we'll personalize the musical genres we play to match your preferences & style. And we can customize instrumentation if you have something unique in mind...
  • DJ options. The Fever offers options to help you stay within budget or space constraints. Choose to go with a DJ for your entire event, or bring in live musicians for even more variety for your ceremony, cocktails, dinner, or special dances. Our sound system is excellent, we provide lighting, wireless microphone, planning assistance and timeline management, MC services and an unlimited option for song selections.
The Fever configures to fit your plans
  • Solo.Simple acoustic guitar or piano is a perfect choice for very small, intimate affairs. Our musicians play everything from classical to jazz, blues to funk, alternative to pop, folk to bluegrass. Our core players are multi-instrumentalists who also play ukulele, acoustic bass with bow, flute, mandolin, and even bagpipes!
  • Acoustic Duos/Trios/Quartets.Perfect for creating an elegant & sophisticated atmosphere for cocktail receptions, dinner affairs and intimate parties. Possible combinations include guitar/guitar; guitar/piano; piano/upright-bass; guitar/cello; guitar/violin; piano/upright-bass/saxophone; drums/upright-bass/guitar/saxophone; cello/violin/viola/guitar, etc, etc. Just let us know the sound and style you’re envisioning and we’ll put together a perfect ensemble to create just the right mood. Love bluegrass? We do, too! Add any number of instruments to the mix for a unique sound: cajon, clarinet, flute, fiddle, banjo, mandolin or the ultra quiet 3D printed carbon fiber trumpet with wooden mute.
  • 4pc band. This smaller electric band delivers a fantastic sound & plays everything from classical, jazz, & soul to Motown, funk, pop & rock. I recommend this band for limited budgets, very small parties or venues with greater space restrictions. The small ensemble does limit the number of instrumental "voices", but is perfect for jazz, soul, pop, blues and rock. For Motown, funk, 70's, 80's and contemporary hits with both male/female vocals, our 5pc is recommended. Or, skip the female vocals and get full rock band instrumentation with all male vocals.
  • The 5pc band delivers a fantastic sound and is recommended when space is limited (our 4pc band is also available for even tighter space restrictions) or for smaller budgets). This line up consists of drums, bass, guitar, keys, male & female lead vocals and 3 to 4 part harmonies. The musicians play everything from classical to jazz, soul, funk, Motown, disco, pop, 80s, 90s, blues, folk & rock and this line up totally rocks.
  • The 6pc is the same as the 5pc, but adds a horn for added energy, a variety of "voices" playing solos, and for all those signature horn lines so well known in Motown, funk & rock. Our players are multi-instrumentalists who may sing, play baritone, tenor, alto or soprano sax, as well as flute, clarinet, harmonica, key or synth and/or hand percussion, such as tambourine, shakers &/or congas). If budget and space allows, this is the smallest "big" band that we recommend for high energy dancing to a variety of genres. The horn makes the difference!
  • Our 7pc band is our signature band, we can add another phenomenal female or male singer (for variety of leads, great backups and fun energy) who is also an instrumentalist (adding percussion or synthesizer), or we add another horn to create a high energy horn section with harmonized lines & variety of additional instrumentation. The energy onstage between the vocalists, the instrumentalists and the crowd is fantastic, heartfelt, honest and exciting. We recommend this band for events with approx 100 guests, more or less, or whenever you want high energy and variety.
  • Our 8pc line up adds another piece to the horn section for playing those great signature lines popular in so many songs, features multiple powerhouse male & female vocalists, drums, bass, keys/organ/synth, guitar, hand percussion, and more. If you'd like even more excitement & energy, you may want to consider bringing in a fantastic percussionist, to add funky "can't help but dance" beats on the congas, bongos and a variety of cool percussion instruments.
  • 9pc, 10pc or 11pc bands. For the most spectacular events. We can add to our 8pc line up horn pieces (trumpet, trombone, baritone sax, etc), synthesizer, rhythm guitar, and/or a percussionist to play congas, hand drums and other fun percussions, or professional dancers for both on stage and on the dance floor- the added pieces bring on a big full sound & an exciting show.

We base our pricing on a number of factors, including season, day of the week, time of day, location, number of performance hours, travel time, level of customization, length of play, size of the band, venue logistics, and a variety of other details. Because The Fever is so versatile and our options are so customizable, our prices vary. Contact us to discuss your preferences, style and ideas and we'll give you a specific quote to make your vision a reality. We look forward to discussing your special event with you and we thank you for your interest in getting The Fever!

we offer the flexibility to secure the band, then customize with options later
  • Live music for the duration noted (typically pricing starts with the dance band for approx 3.5 to 4hrs)
  • Option to add musicians & increase band size anytime before your event
  • Option to add live music for additional portions anytime before your event
  • The musicians offer to learn a song or two especially for your event
  • MC services for your entire event
  • Wireless microphone for toasts during reception
  • iPod music for background music, as needed & between sets
  • Planning assistance, consultation & detailed timeline creation
  • Online collaborative planning & song selection worksheets
  • Day-of timeline management & on-site Fever liaison to assist with event flow
  • Early set up before guests arrive, complete breakdown & clean-up 1 hour after event
  • State of the art sound system & professional sound engineering
  • Additional A/V support (options for additional speaker set ups in other on-site locations, slideshow support, etc)
  • All travel expenses to venue, except lodging, if required
  • Lodging may be required for events outside of the Boulder/Denver metro areas, depending upon timing, logistics, accessibility & weather expectations for mountain travel.

What are you envisioning? Let’s…

  • Customize to match your style & budget
  • Accommodate your unique timeline & flow
  • Learn new songs especially for you!

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